Thingness? Sunshine! and Archery

On thursday evening I went along to the talk at the Cooper Gallery by the artists involved in ‘Thingness’, it was quite a casual affair with the audience moving round the gallery listening to Oliver Braid, Joseph Fletcher, Anouchka Oler talk about there working process and collaborations.

Some of the philosophy of the piece went right over my head but I like the idea that art can fit any philosophy, by laying it over the top of art to make it fit.

I had to travel down the road for a funeral straight after the opening, while it was a sad affair, it was also a celebration of life. The day was beautiful and since we and my other half were house sitting, we dug out our bows for some late afternoon archery.



New Life at DJCAD


It has been a crazy few weeks, trying to readjust to student life in a new town with a new flat and new flat-mates!

We hit the ground running this week with lectures and workshops and LOADS of info! So far it is utterly terrifying and exciting in equal measures.
The new V & A building is high on the curriculum, being a new and exciting time for all involved, the project is likely to be completed @ 2017. This does not mean that the art work are sitting round twiddling their thumbs though, we have been introduced to a network of event taking place which we ‘have’ to attend. Poor us!!