what makes one person love something and another hate it? why do we always think our ideas are best?

We had a lecture last week from four different people with four different view points.

One based on a the design of ideas

One on the value of stuff

One on the value of craft and to be honest, I am not really sure what the fourth one was about.

It covered the city as a ‘living room’ and made me think of Neil Gaiman’s story of the city that sleeps and dreams and sometime people fall  in to that dream. And while it is terrifying being in the dream of a city it would be worse if the city woke up.

We all live with the idea that our small life’s some how make a difference but on the scale of a city or a forest or a country we are like ants.

Design should be used for good positive change, I have a real problem with the way it seems the design and art world works. I don’t want to design for people who can afford to be ecological, I want to design sustainable, ecological and affordable ‘stuff’ for people who need it not want it.


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