Talismans and Belief

Our new project is on superstition and belief in things that can’t be proven. I believe in Talismans, I KNOW they don’t work, but I believe in them.

I bought my dad a skull carved from a precious stone,it was meant to help with ┬ábreathing and issues of the lungs. I think because I gave it to him, he kept it by his bed. He didn’t┬ábelieve in it but he believed I did.

I want to design something for Endometriosis, I have suffered from this for 18 years, it is horrible and uncomfortable. And people just don’t understand. It has no cure, causes crippling pain, numerous operations and invasive scans on a regular basis. It is, however, just seen as ‘women’s problems’, even by other women.

A talisman that can transmit the wearer’s pain to someone else, A talisman which can reduce pain or just a lovely wearable object which can be stroked or rotated or moved in some way.