On friday i drove a friend to Aberfeldy, on route we stopped off to let the dogs pee. Right where we stopped there was a dead deer, it had obviously been dead for a while as most of it was skeletonised. Now, i like skull, i bury dead animals i find. I retreive them after a year or so, allowing them to return all their goodness to the earth.

But road kill seems different,  i couldnt bury the rest of the deer, obviously it had fed the environment but is it wrong to take it’s skull? It made me think about roadkill, the amount of animals i passed, dead, on the road on that one drive was horrible.  Mainly pheasant and rabbits.

I would like to use some of the roadkill in my work,

1. To highlight the amount of death.

2. To use fur/bone etc that goes to waste.

I dont know if i could deal with it though,  skin an animal? Gut it?

I do believe i need to honour the dead and do something with the skulls. But i really dont know ethical if it is ‘right’ to use them at all.