Working with the 3D printer can be fun and frustrating! I am so glad we got taught CAD (all be it kicking and screaming!) Using Rhino and T-splines to create the shapes I see in my head takes hours, but I really don’t think I could have used regular jewellery skills for my ideas.


the triangle shape originated from my own scars, I however, did not want to design something 2D, a lot of my jewellery ideas tend to be flat which is odd since I work in a 3D discipline.

The shape isn’t symmetrical and that is deliberate, I want the pieces to look a little off. Endometriosis tends not to show externally but if you look closely at a sufferer you might see they are more bent over at certain times or the tire easily. I want the pieces I make to look off to start with but when examined closer they are unbalanced.

As a concept, it makes my brain itch. I like symmetry, I like balance. Having Endo means having to fight for balance every day. Some days I can work for hours others I tire quickly and lose focus.

I like to work in a chaotic mess, with many projects on the go. this way I always have something to be getting on with to keep my head busy.


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