Dead things

Today, while walking back from physio,  i found a dead bird on the pavement.


It is a great tit i believe, i think it might have been hit by a car.

I brought it home and made a small shroud for it,  i plan to bury it in the garden for a year and retreive its tiny skeleton.  I read that wrapping the body in muslin will keep all the wee bones together.

I have kind of made a small envelope…DSC_0652

GetAttachment (1) This will keep the bones safe from scavengers but will still allow the bird to decompose, giving food and nutrients to the soil and to small insects.

I have an internal debate with myself about doing things like this, I feel I am showing love, compassion and care for the remains of a wee creature that would have been chucked in a bin otherwise. But at the same time, I am selfish, I don’t ‘need’ the skeleton, it is something I want to have. If I can use the remains in my work then I feel justified in doing what I do.

As I said it is a debate, one I don’t believe I will ever settle, but I do intend to continue trying to put to rest any creatures I find.