I came across this squirrel while out running the other night, looks to me like it got hit going across the road and died trying to get back to a tree.

We make life so treacherous for these animals.

This squirrel had obviously been lying there for a while, now I know it must seem weird to people that I pick these things up but I think it is worse that people allow a beautiful animal to rot on the ground.

I took him home and wrapped him up in  a mesh bag, I dug a hole and buried him. He will now take up to a year to decompose, feeding the ground and small insects around him.

I don’t have much space to bury my finds, but I always try and dispose of them properly. If I can I bag them or move them to a safer area where they won’t be pummeled into the ground.

On the opposite end of the scale.

Tonight  I passed a dismembered deer on the side of the motorway. Someone has obviously stopped and removed the head of a roadkill deer. Showing no respect for the animal.This is just trophy hunting.




2 thoughts on “Squirrel roadkill

  1. WOW!!! I applaud you for doing this and please continue to show this kindness to animals. I pass by road kills all the time who are unfortunately at this point are pummeled to the ground and it makes me sad to see that the people who ran them over, just did that and went on their merry way leaving them helpless (and possibly injured and not dead yet) for the next car or whatever to finish them off. Sorry for being negative but this truly breaks my heart. Your courage is so inspiring and I just wanted to tell you that what you do is amazing and we need people like you in the world!!!


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