Today while out with the dogs I came across a shallow burial site which had been disturbed.

I am pretty certain I found a chinchilla lying nearby, It hadn’t been buried long but had been wrapped in plastic and had lost all his fur, (he was definitely a boy). I don’t know if another dog had dug him up or some other wildlife but he hadn’t been damaged in any way.

Now I  didn’t have anything with me to re-bury or move the wee guy, so after returning home and feeding my dogs, I made a shroud and set off to bury the wee guy again.

It is such a shame that he was probably a beloved pet but the person didn’t take the time to bury him correctly. I really didn’t want the person going back and discovering their dead pet as bird food or worse, ripped apart by dogs.

On this occasion, I didn’t take any pictures. I just wanted the wee guy back in the ground.