There are a couple of points I feel very strongly about around this subject.

One is that I don’t understand how people can love one animal and eat another, but the point I want to talk about is dog owners who have no concern for other animals. The example I will use is something I witnessed at the Riverside Nature Reserve. During the summer months, dog walkers are asked to keep their dogs on a lead as there are ground nesting birds. People just let their dogs run free without a care for the damage they are doing.

Two is the amount of roadkill I see on the road into the Nature Reserve, people literally running over wildlife on their way to exercise their pet. Why can’t they see the hypocrisy in this? Why does one life matter more? I have heard it so many times from vegetarians and supposed animal lovers, ‘oh! I hate cats’ or ‘I am a dog person’ or ‘why would you keep a rat as a pet, they are vermin!’

Why can’t we be animal lovers? Adore and cherish all animals regardless of fur, cuteness or scales? I am a saver of wasps, spiders and flies, I catch and release anything I can, I pick bumble bees off the ground to stop them getting squashed. I believe all of these creatures have a right to live and who am I to make the decision to end another creatures life?


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