I got in touch with a few companies who make bio-degradable 3D printing flex, they agreed to send me some samples. While I am waiting  on this arriving I have been thinking about the use of materials for samples and how wasteful we are, as artists/jewellers shouldn’t we be responsible for where our materials come from and where they end up?


I started looking at the alternatives to glue, I thought making paper samples would be easy but I was wrong. Most glues are toxic to ourselves or aquatic life, PVA is ok as long as it isn’t burnt, but is that good enough?

Doing some research I discovered flour and water used to be used a very basic glue, also sugar water can be used. So I started to experiment with flour/icing sugar and water.

I baked it….


Made paper mache with it…


and dipped material in to the mixture name a few….





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