Even though I am Vegan…


I  was horrified at the stats I found out.

8 Billion Animals are Killed for Food Every Year in the UK!

I decided to narrow down my thoughts to just one act of violence against one specific animal. I also decided there was no point in trying to portray a positive side, there is no positive side to killing animals.

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival

This  celebrating of the summer solstice goes on every year, but this year there seemed to be more of an outcry than before.

There were petitions to ban it, calls for rescuing the dogs and generally people losing their minds because some poor wee dogs were being killed and eaten. In the west dogs are seen as pets or ‘man’s best friend’, we  are horrified that someone would kill our pets and have them for dinner. But we do it to pigs, cows and sheep without a moments thought.



Wood samples continued…

As my designs developed I shaped the wood, drilled it and burnt it.


I experimented with writing, stamping and burning it into the wood, always being aware of how I would achieve this effect in wax.

I spoke with Roddy at the general workshop about a wax pour and he was good enough to let me do it the same day.


The wax is super sticky and difficult to work with. While sawing it in to the steak shape, it seems to self-heal! I think the heat generated by the blade and the stickiness of the wax make a perfect storm.

working in wood

Continuing my use of recycled and biodegradable products, I went off to the general workshop to pick up scrap wood.

cutting-disksUsing the bandsaw I cut out circles to start working with them.

I wanted to carve the wood but this scrap wood is Birch ply, layers of wood stuck together. As soon as i carve too deep I am in a different type of wood.

Goldsmiths Craft and Design Awards.

We have been given our new brief, to design for the Craft and Design Awards.

There were several different categories, I have chosen to design for the medal section of the awards. The brief really speaks to me as it is about the treatment of animals or ‘man’s relationship with animals’ to quote the brief. Why it is ‘man’s relationship’ I have no idea.

I started trying to look at a positive and negative situation to balance the medal design, however, I found it hard to find a positive.

We exploit animals in almost every aspect of life.