Citric acid pickle

Now i knew i had to clean up my casting, and that raised another problem. So called ‘safety’ pickle, this stuff is nasty. it is corrosive and should be dealt with by a chemical treatment plant. Not poured down the drain!

I have followed the work of ute decker for a few years now, and was lucky enough to attend one of her seminars in London.

Her website is full of information about running a greener business,  i downloaded the recipe for citric acid pickle from here, bought myself a slowcooker and some citric acid and was good to go.



Time for a change.

The 3d printing just wasnt working for me so i started to look at other ways to create organic shapes with recycled materials.

My friend Gillian Ryan gifted me a box of pink wax sheets, i started experimenting with the shapes i had created in rhino.

This along with a foldformed shape seemed to work well.


Sprued up and ready to cast.


new project.

to design 10 pieces the same or similar to be sold at our xmas fair on the 12th of Dec.

the tricky bit for me is how do I continue only using biodegradable/recycled materials and make something that someone would want to buy?

I started looking at the biodegradable flex, designing shapes in Rhino to be used as links or pendants

.2016-11-14-16-27-15I really liked the organic shape i created but I couldn’t figure out how to top it off with something equally organic.

I printed the shape in flex made from algae and starch.



The flex didnt print that smoothly. My shapes were too small, and the flex is trickier to work with. the temperature has to be correct or the next pass melts the previous.




Final Design


This is my baby Cooper modeling my final sample, he is very sleepy as it is 6am.

I thought placing the medal in this way gives a very strong message.

Hitting home that the meat on your plate had a life and character, it felt pain and fear. It might have been a mother, it was definitely a son or daughter.

10,000 dogs are killed for a celebration. The world goes mad.

8 Billion Cows, Sheep, Hens, Ducks and Pigs are killed. That is just life.