lack of blogging

With everything that has been going on lately blogging has not been a high priority, so this will be a catch-up/highlights of the past few weeks.

Pecha Kucha night.

Mr touchy was up first and to be far, as good as everyone else was, how can you top a man with a camera for a head?

The other speakers who stood out for me where the Dr who managed to make cancer funny, the one-bit computer guy (here for the NEON festival) and Donna who spoke about horror films.

It really was a great night, there was cake (not vegan though) and beer so not a bad shout for a rainy Tuesday in Dundee.


I went along to the workshop to build a one-bit computer while it was fun, it was way over my head. I got my little light to come on but no idea how I managed it.

Tomorrow was a montage @ the Cooper gallery

Very eerie big boxes with films and some amazing poster art. I wanted to go to the talk happening tonight (19thNov), but sick dog prevents that.



What I have learned this week..

After a very stressful week it is nice to chill out on a saturday with my dogs, they have had a crazy half hour and are now sleeping.

This week I learned;

do not cycle across wet tram lines!

Believe in yourself,

Follow your heart,

Try not to give yourself such a hard time and,

How to build a box from wood. WP_20151009_16_43_38_Pro

After going to the talk on Thursday 8th Oct, I felt I learned a lot but also, it was a lot of information and advice I had heard before. All good advice. And nice to hear it from people I respect, I suppose it is the same in any creative industry, the fear never quite does away.

Our worse critics are in our own heads.